Dangerous Curves Ahead

For those who love to sew curves, I solute you.  I have been a curve avoid-er my whole life.  In fact, when I started sewing my own clothing as a teenager, I made all of my blouses without sleeves…it became my thing… Continue reading Dangerous Curves Ahead


Summers are for Designing

summers are for designing
There is a seasonality to my quilting.  During the dark northeast winters, the only improvement to sitting in front of my machine would be sitting in front of my machine in front of a fire (hmmm, wonder if I could make that work).

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Keep New Year’s Resolution….’check’!

Welcome!   Are you familiar with the feeling that you really, really need to get that ‘to-do’ list under way?  Me too.  As I welcomed 2015 in (yup, not a typo, 2015, not 2016), I promised myself I would put a better effort in socializing my interests, and connect with others who share an interest in designing, creating, and living with modern quilts.  You all have and continue to inspire me, so after a very delayed start… “hello!”.  Happy to be in good company.

I look forward to sharing my works in process, tutorials, patterns, completed work, and discoveries along the way with you.