Summers are for Designing

summers are for designing
There is a seasonality to my quilting.  During the dark northeast winters, the only improvement to sitting in front of my machine would be sitting in front of my machine in front of a fire (hmmm, wonder if I could make that work).

For me, summers are for designing.  I do try to work in a few smaller projects to keep my technical skills sharp; like the 2016SummerSampler project.  Admittedly, I’m a little behind in my block making – I’ve posted my progress on Instagram.
I really wear out my sketchpads in the summer.  I prefer working with high quality artist (bound) sketchpads, rulers, and watercolor pencils.  There is something very fluid and organic from using your hand to morph line to design.
Very recently, I purchased quilt design software (EQ7).  The software I use has some limitations for modern quilters, but I cannot deny the satisfaction of getting immediate visual feedback on layouts, colors, and composition.
This weekend has been devoted to designing for the QuiltCon East Michael Miller fabric challenge.  Any of you going?  I CANNOT WAIT.  Of course, the fabric has not yet been shipped, so none of us know what we will receive, but I could not I wait to start.  Because this is a challenge, you will need to wait a little bit before I post a peek of the design, but this is a quilt I can foresee making a few variations of in the near future.  Needless to say, there is A LOT of designing involved in a perceived simple result.

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