Dangerous Curves Ahead

For those who love to sew curves, I solute you.  I have been a curve avoid-er my whole life.  In fact, when I started sewing my own clothing as a teenager, I made all of my blouses without sleeves…it became my thing…

While I generally do not spend too much time in my studio during the summer, preferring to design instead (read the previous post); I decided to participate in a quilter community sew-along of sorts to keep my technical skills fresh.   I am working on the #SummerSampler2016 (also mentioned earlier) and boy, it has something for everybody, including me.

I am a little behind in making my blocks, but pushed through a few this weekend.  Yesterday, I had a great time with paper piecing.  I love paper piecing.  It is the only way this quilter can get perfectly exact blocks, every single time.   However, despite my best efforts in planning and visualizing my start, I ALWAYS sew the first step incorrectly…Every…single…time…I guess that is also my thing.

Today’s goal included knocking out Block #7 of the Summer Sampler 2016 series called “Trail Crossing” by Lee Heinrich of ‘Freshly Pieced’.  This is the mother of a dreaded curve block…not just one…many, many curves.  Eight in fact.  And, you know what?  I kind of dig ’em.  I decided to over-pin my pieces and decided that the right amount of pinning is however many pins you need…period.   My fabric choice makes me think of men’s neckties!


While I’m not sure if I am about to start introducing curves into my designing, I am a little less anxious about working with them.

Happy creating.



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